"Ownership is the most intimate relationship one can have to objects. Not that they come alive in him; it is he who comes alive in them.”

― Walter Benjamin

The Landas Caravanserai is an online marketplace and cabinet of curiosities based in Brussels, Belgium, offering an online platform for collectors to share, document and manage their collections.

As a cabinet of curiosities, we offer a way for collectors to show their collections through private online galleries and a way for researches to promote their studies through private libraries and archives. As a marketplace, the Caravanserai offers an online agora, giving the ability for collectors to put their artefacts for sale, publicly or privately, and also to promote them to a large network of dealers and collectors with the accompanied help and expertise of a team of prospectors and administrators.

We hope in the future to create a new way for collectors to approach their hobby through the installation of an online database of collections and collectors, aiming to help professionals and collectors alike in their researches for provenance and history.

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