Burmese Opium Scales
  • Burmese Opium Scales

    Antique Burmese opium scales, late 19th century / early 20th century.

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    • Carved in taekwood, these opium scales are from Mandalay Burma and were used to measure wads of opium as well as precious metals and stones. The weights used on the scales were usually in the shape of small bronze birds or beasts measuring 2, 5, 10 or 20 kyat/tical. A kyat or tical was the equivalent of 15 grams.

      This particular set is designed to fit neatly into it's beautifully decorated taekwood case. Some small damages done by time and uses are visible, but do form an attractive patina on the case.
      The set seems to be complete and still usable.

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