SPAD XIII - Hélice Éclair
  • SPAD XIII - Hélice Éclair

    Wooden Propeller "Hélice Éclair" for French SPAD XIII, ca. 1917


    Made out of a mix of hardwoods


    More photos to come or on demand.

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    • Manufactured by Hélice Éclair, Paris, France in the 1910s this propeller was used on a SPAD XIII as evidenced by its drawing number  stamped on the face of the hub. There are no decals present, but stamped manufacturers labels indicate the maker.  It is in its original condition even though the sheathes are missing from the blades, exposing the contrasting wood laminates.  It appears that some varnish was removed to expose some of the stampings, which are otherwise barely legible.  Despite its somewhat "rough" appearance, it is recommended that propellers in this condition REMAIN in this condition rather than make any attempt to "restore" it.
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