Tibetan Kangling
  • Tibetan Kangling

    Tibetan bone & brass Kangling or Rkank-Gling, 19th century, Tibet.

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    • The Kangling, meaning literally "leg flute" or "leg trumpet" (Rkank-dung), is a ritual trumpet created out of a human femur (as shown in the last picture). In our case, the femur has been wrapped in brass wire, finished with a repoussée brass work on the mouthpiece and bell and pieces of white coral mounted on both the mouthpiece and bell cuffs. The knee-joint is encased in the brass bell and can be seen inside.


      The ceremonial instrument originally hail from the Shamanist Bön religion of Tibet, and is still used in Tibetan Buddhism in various chöd rituals as well as funerals.

      According to Tantric Buddhism, their sound can drive off evil spirits and summon good ones.


      Great condition, verdigris patina shown in pictures.

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